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 そんな中、2018年4月に隈研吾氏設計の道の駅「湯の駅おおゆ」の誕生、また大湯環状列石(ストーンサークル)の世界文化遺産の国内推薦候補への選定といった変化もあり、そして2019年8月に20余年の間閉館していた旧かめや旅館の建物をリノベーションした当館yuzaka(開業時はBar & Stay Yuzaka)が誕生し、エリアとして注目され始めています。


 yuzakaは、上記4箇所の共同浴場のうちの一つであり、大湯温泉の中で一番古い歴史を持つ「下ノ湯浴場」の向えに位置しています。当館1階のバーラウンジ"BAR PYRAMID"からは、共同浴場を日々利用する人たちの様子を風景として眺めることができます。




Oyu Onsen in Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture, where we are located, has a history of 800 years as a hot spring site and had prospered as a health resort of Nanbu domain. There were several mines around the area, and during those heyday, it was very busy as a refuge for people concerned mines, and there were many banquet sounds heard from each Ryokan and many Geisha in the town.

In addition, it has become famous as a base for sightseeing to Lake Towada for a long time, but due to changes in the excursion course etc., the former bustle gradually disappeared and it has become a hot spring town that is easily passed by..

Meanwhile, there were changes such as the birth of "Yunoeki Oyu", a road station designed by Kengo Kuma in April 2018, and the selection of the Oyu Stone Circle as a nomination for a national cultural heritage.

In August 2019, "yuzaka ~natural & sustainable inn~", which is renovated building of old "Kameya ryokan" that had been closed for more than 20 years, was born, and is starting to attract attention as an area.

There are four main springs in the town, and the public baths (Sento of hot spring) at each of the four locations have long been valued by local residents. Each of the four sources has different spring quality and efficacy, so some residents decide where to bathe according to their physical condition.

yuzaka is located in front of "Shimonoyu Baths", one of the four public baths mentioned above, which has the oldest history in Oyu Onsen. From the bar lounge "BAR PYRAMID" on the 1st floor of our guesthouse, you can see the scenery of people who use the public bath daily.

Also the road in front of the guesthouse is a former old main load, and it was the bustling place as the first bathhouse that entered Oyu Onsen from Morioka city in the Nanbu domain during Edo era. Kakura-san the mountain in opposite side from guesthouse has a "Yakushi Shrine" which has been enshrined since ancient times as a god of hot springs, in the middle.

In a place near from the hot spring village, there is “Oyu stone circle" which is a  Jomon ruin about 4000 years ago, and "Kuromata mountain" derived from the Ainu language "Kuromanta", meaning “the place where gods gather”, believed to be a pyramid. Around this area has been quietly attracting attention as a mysterious and energy site, as well as UFO sightings by local people from long ago.,