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There are shared bathroom, toilet and shower outside of the room. Also please bring towels and toothbrushes etc. or use rental items (charged) because of no preparation in the rooms.


Japanese Private / Room1  @2F

Room size : 28m2      (Out Bath/Toilet)

Capacity :    4persons

​Price :   18,000-/4person




Twin-A / Room5  @2F

Room size : 17m2      (Out Bath/Toilet)

Capacity :    2persons

​Price :   9,000-/2person

​            6,000-/1person

Twin-B / Room6  @2F

Room size : 19m2      (Out Bath/Toilet)

Capacity :    2persons

​Price :   9,400-/2person

​            6,300-/1person

Single / Room2  @2F

Room size : 6m2      (Out Bath/Toilet)

Capacity :   1person

​Price :   4,600-


Bookshelf Private / Room3  @2F



Capacity :   3person​

​Price :   15,000-/3person



■Shared Equipments

Shared Dinning room /@2F

調理道具が用意されています。Equipped with cooking utensils.  

調味料類は厨房からレンタルできます。Seasonings can be rented from the Bar kitchen.

​※宿泊者のみがご利用いただけます。Available for guests only. 

​Lobby space /@1F


Guests can relax while reading, drinking tea or doing yoga.


Hot spring bath (private)   温泉(家族風呂)



Shower room x 2units /@2F


Two shower units are installed in an easily accessible location from all rooms.

Farm land / outside (3min walk from guesthouse)


Guests can experience farming and harvesting.​(Jul-Sep)





・シャワールームは15:30 ~ 翌9:30までご利用可能です。










▪️Guidance and notes


・The whole area is non smoking.

・Check-In time is from 15:30 to 22:00.

・Breakfast is available for ¥1,00 per person, from 8:00 AM to 9 AM.  Please make a reservation at the time of check-in.

・Shower room is available from 15:30 to 9:30 the next day.

・The curfew will be around 23:00.

・The common area will be off at 23:00.

・Check out is at 10 AM.

・Please do your own bed makeup for the dormitory and Japanese private room.

・For rental of towels and Yukata, please ask to the reception.

・If you need toothbrushes, please tell the staff..

・If you will use the parking lot, please inform us in advance. There is free parking on site.

・Because of the old wooden construction, the soundproofing is not completed.   Therefore please be quiet especially at night(22:00~07:00).

・Please make sure to switch off the air conditioners and appliances in your room or common space when you are away.

【Reservation ご予約】

予約フォーム:  https://forms.gle/23q7J8AtoNrbzTVK7

E-Mail:  yuzakakikaku@gmail.com

TEL:  0186-22-4825


*Not all rooms are listed on the other online travel reservation sites. If you cannot find the room you want on the other online reservation sites, please contact the above directly.


*If you make a direct reservation, we will serve one free drink (within ¥400) for each person at the bar lounge on the day of arrival.